Z Trooper blog: breeding my narcissism…

Pardon our dust… the blog will be up and fancy looking as soon as Gary and I have the time.

First of all, welcome to the http://www.z-troopers.com blog, “The After Action Report”. Here you’ll find progress updates, rants, and things I find interesting with the occasional bitch about life. Check back frequently while you’re at work, or in class, or on the toilet with your iphone, for I will update this with all sorts of “Unztrooper” related gems of humor.

Welp, http://www.z-troopers.com is starting to get close to unveiling soon. I’m sort of excited but rather nerved racked from the fact that I’m pounded by a lot of art projects at the moment. I’m fairly certain I can make the deadline of 2359 hours on 10/31/09 but school is becoming a big pain in my ass and I need to attend to it (study? I wanna draw!). I also can’t get any productive work done during my class times because I made the mistake of making myself out to be “smart” in the beginning of the semester so often times my teachers want to engage in discussions with me…. so much for hiding in the back of the room doodling all day like I did last semester.

Cool thing about classes though is that I’m taking an EMT course here, and I get to see lots and lots of gruesome pictures that I can use as reference! 😀 not that I get some sick pleasure out of that… it’s for artistic purposes only.. *looks sheepishly around the room*

Woo! So tonight I’ll be doing some Zombie make up on Rodney and hopefully go see Dane Cook here at the Savemart center if Nick gets off of work in time. I’ll upload pictures possibly.

In the mean time here’s a video that you should probably drop acid before watching…seriously, this thing is being made into a cartoon on Cartoon Network…. and my shit’s a web comic… fuck.


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