New pages and the Zombie Wall of Fame

So I just finished making more comic pages and Gary is throwing them up. We’ve been working our asses off, and the site is coming together quite nicely!  I’ll have Thanksgiving break coming up soon so I should get a lot done within that time. I actually have 7 pages colored and ready to go but unfortunately I have two pages that come before the other 7 that need to be colored and put up in sequence before the others. I would be done with all of this but I am a student, so school comes first… tell my teachers to stop giving my projects to work on and I’ll get more done! 😀

We’ve started accepting Donations through Paypal. Anybody with a credit card can donate through that system. I’m currently working on the “Zombie Wall of Fame” in which those who donate will have their names on the wall. Eventually, when I get enough money to start such projects, donators will get free merchandise such as stickers and posters. There will be 3 classes of donation awards…

Zombie Hunter- Donating $20 USD or less. The title of “Zombie Hunter” will be awarded and a 3 sticker pack given.

Zombie Exterminator- Donating $21-50 USD. The title of “Zombie Exterminator” will be awarded, a 3 sticker pack, and poster given.

Zombicidal Maniac- Donating over $50 USD. The awesome title of “Zombicidal Maniac” will be awarded, a 3 sticker pack, poster, and T-shirt of choice will be given.

Of course these donation gifts are subject to availability, and as it stands I need starting money to get said posters, stickers, and T-shirts.  The stickers will be coming relatively soon though.

Anyways, feel free to participate in our latest poll this week!!! THANKS!


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