My personal war against Apple

Don’t buy apple products folks, seriously… you’re only paying for it’s name. And no, I’m not some bitter PC owner, I’m a Mac owner.

That’s right, I have a macbook, an ipod, an iphone, and I’ve bought my fair share of items from itunes. But from the begining of my relationship with the tasty fruit company I’ve had nothing but heart ache.

It all started when I bought my very first Macbook, I was naive and thought it would be the best damn thing I ever spent $1,200 bucks on. “I can edit film! I can make animations! I won’t ever get viruses! I can even put windows on it!” Welp, the first week I had got it, it died on me. Didn’t do anything crazy to it, it just died on me. Kept beeping and crashing. So I called up customer service and the lady didn’t know what the hell was going on so she told me I’d have to take it to the nearest Mac store which is in Burbank, California… 2 hours away (like hell! The price of gas at that time was like 4 bucks a gallon!). So with some investigating my dad and I fixed it using his PC. It soon died again though and started it’s whole beeping process. Nobody from Apple could figure it out. I eventually I ran some of my own tests and figured out that the RAM had died. I, the non-apple user figured it out. So they sent me new stuff but not after holding my credit card hostage for $300 if I didn’t return it (yeah $300 RAM usually implies that it’s good stuff right? WRONG). Mind you figuring this whole crapfest out took a whole month.

I refuse to believe their self help sections on their website because it steered me wrong. I tried installing windows XP on my machine and it ended up screwing it up even more. Apparently they told me the wrong service pack. I need to go in and fix it some time but it’s going to be a pain in the ass I’m sure.

So the cake topper is today. For my birthday I received a $25 gift certificate for itunes. I redeemed my card then bought Firefly… in that order. Well THEIR system glitched and didn’t redeem my card until after soooo it charged my credit card. I emailed them informing them of their mistake but there is nothing they can do about it because the store didn’t credit my account until after I bought the damn TV series… So I implore them to refund my money and take from my store credit but they “can’t”. So instead they give me song credit… a single freaking song… Guess what the problem is. That money they took out of my account was suppose to pay for my internet bill… so how am I suppose to DL a song with no internet! Fuggin’ morons.

So now I’m scraping money to pay for my bills. Great. Thanks so much for the help, APPLE. What frustrates me the most is the fact that THEY fucked up and won’t acknowledge it. It’s just an added bonus to my already crap birthday.

Every time I have an encounter with Apple I end up looking like one of those people from those “Gamefly” commercials.

Come on Apple! I haven’t had any problems with Windows Vista! WINDOWSFUCKINGVISTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that’s saying something!

In all honesty folks, Macs are no better than PC’s, and PC’s are no better than Macs. When you buy a Mac you are buying the name, just like with  Alienware computers. Might as well not waste your time. In fact, don’t even buy from Dell or HP, they just load their computers with crap you don’t need and will eventually bog down your computer. Find yourself a good nerd who can built you a custom desktop from scratch (like mine) and do it that way. It’ll save you to headache.

But in good news, Mass Effect 2 is awesome… I love it!!!!! It makes me so happy! 😀

Down with Apple

Oh and **** you too Google chrome!



2 Responses to “My personal war against Apple”

  1. February 22, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    Haha I’m sorry Linna, so sad, yet so funny!

  2. February 22, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    Stupid Apple! Well I stand corrected… they gave me a whopping 4 songs… gr!

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