Artistic Vomit

It’s everywhere, but in a good way. The best way I can describe my mood right now is that I’m pulling out so much art that it’s getting everywhere (but unlike actual vomit it doesn’t stink… well at least I hope).

I know I get a lot of shit from people about why I don’t update as often, and the truth is I don’t have enough time (seriously, you try doing 21 college units) and I’m one of those “muse” artists. I only draw when I “feel” it. Some times I feel other works, and I explore them (somehow that sounded semi-perverted…huh..). Anyways, right now I’m “feeling” a Sci-fi comic that I have been asked to illustrate for a while now called “Diablo Black”.

What is this Diablo Black you suppose? Well, it’s a comic for starters, and it’s a Sci-fi one… you on the same page as me? The story takes place 18 years after the disappearance of an Alliance experimental warship known as the… you guessed it.. “Diablo Black” and follows the life of two best friends who join the orbital paratroopers after high school. Their ideas of cruising along earning their GI bill in peacetime are soon crushed when the discovery of the derelict ship brings chaos to the galaxy, and that is seriously only the tip of the iceburg. It’s ten times more complex than it appears. Sounds like every other Sci-fi right? Well there’s elves and dwarves in it… as much as I absolutely HATE elves and dwarves I found a clever way for them to exist in this story. Back when this was just a baby project my good friend Zack thought it’d be awesome to make a fantasy comic… I said hell no and wanted a sci-fi comic… so we used diplomacy and settled on this freakish hybrid. I loathe fantasy stories; I hate how elves and dwarves and all those other “things” in those stories live smelly, simplistic lives and talk in old, complicated english. “Ist Thou going to the Lord of Warship to fight with cruel eyes and dubious inte-” AH! Gag me. Even the words “elf” and “dwarf” drive me nuts, I hate them that much.

Norse and Greek mythology as well as the Bible will play significant roles in the backstory; creating a lot of “easter eggs” for you to find. Of course this sounds ambitious but nobody will probably read the entire series (yes, it’s a SERIES) for a good three years. I’m hoping to incorporate music somehow into this, because I feel like it plays such a vital role in it’s “feel”.

The other project I am working on is creating an actual parody comic based off Mass Effect (it will be known as “Mass Defect”). I’ve already got 5 pages jotted down and they will soon become published. It will be hosted through Z Troopers until I get a great job and can afford having 3 domain names.

There will be new items for sale in the store as well. Gary and I have been trying to put the finishing touches on the site. We now have a contact email! 😀 I need to get 30 pages of content on the site as well if we hope to get any advertisers.



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