B.A.U.L.S Contest!

Do YOU got the B.A.U.L.S (beyond advanced, ultra-lethal skills) to be a Zombie Trooper??? Do you wanna win free shit?!

Take a picture of you, your friends, your dog, your mom, etc doing the most “BAULS”-like thing you can imagine. BE CREATIVE! The picture should preferably be funny, have NO NUDITY, and does not offend anyone’s religion, sexual orientation, affiliation, etc…. in other words, use good judgement. I don’t literally want a pair of testicles in a picture.

Anyways, then add to your picture “I’ve got the B.A.U.L.S to be a Zombie Trooper at http://www.z-troopers.com!” This MUST be ON the picture in order for it to be valid. Then post this picture on your facebook, myspace, or email it to me at ztroopers@gmail.com

The winner will be drawn as a Zombie, get a candy bar, and receive a free “BAULS” T-shirt! OMG! CANDY!!!! All participants will have their pictures put into a gallery on the website.

Contest ends April 17th! GO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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