Looks who’s back! And I got a contest for ya!

Ok I’m back now, after completing the hardest semester of my life, and I have a crap-load of free time. I am almost done with page 12, and I’ve got 13 & 14 sketched out. Look for page 12 tomorrowish.

Now for the first contest. That damn Twilight: Eclipse movie is coming out June 30th, and as much as I wish you all wouldn’t go to it some of you will. I’ve decided to capitalize on this situation by making a contest out of it. Whoever goes to the Eclipse midnight showing, wearing this shirt http://www.zazzle.com/team_zombie_shirt_redo-235459145858360014 and takes a picture of themselves gets to be a zombie in the comic.



2. I am not responsible for buying the shirt… I’m not rich, you sort of have to get it on your own. (Note: the shirt in the store is a woman’s shirt… contact me and I’ll design a men’s shirt if you wish to participate).

3. You have to take a picture of yourself, with the shirt ON, in front of a bunch of Twitards.

4. You need to be 18 or older. It’s creepy to see a 16 year old wearing that shirt.

This is an unlimited contest, so everyone can do it, and there are multiple winners.

Contest numba 2!!!!! With page 12 coming out I’ve given a little snippet with the Zombie Panda picture.


Step 1: become a fan of us on Facebook!

Step 2: Take the blank Zombie Panda Template provided on our facebook page and add your own text. The text must say “Zombie Panda Doesn’t Like…” then insert your own funny quip. The example I put on there is “Zombie Panda Doesn’t Like Twilight”. Now the phrase does not have to have anything to do with Z-Troopers, Pandas, Zombies, or Lt. Col. Stafford… it could be anything random such as “Zombie Panda Doesn’t Like The Lakers” or “Zombie Panda Doesn’t Like The Amber Lamps”.

Step 3: submit your picture to ztroopers@gmail.com or add it as a fan photo on the facbook page.

The winner will be chosen by me (whoever I think is the funniest), and will receive a free t-shirt as well as have their likeliness made into a REOCCURRING CHARACTER. Not just a zombie that dies in one panel, a reoccurring character.

GET TO IT!!!!!!!!! BOTH CONTESTS END JULY 4TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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