Been a long days night…

Uhg I feel like such a piece of shit for not updating the comic yet. I’ve had two pages almost finished for months now… but I’ve been so busy with my last semester, rugby, and trying to not go insane. When I have free time the last thing I wanna do is draw because I’ve been on the computer all day. So I might as well update you on progress…

I’ve been finishing up here at Fresno, they post poned my graduation again… pissing me off… I’m seriously so done with this school…

I’ve been sort of distracted due to financial reasons… I spent most my summer depressed because I couldn’t get any of the 8 jobs I applied for, so I didn’t feel like drawing..

I’ve been sore. I started playing rugby this semester, which is fun as all hell! But I’m always too sore and tired to do anything after practice…. I almost got my front tooth knocked out at last weeks practice… scared the shit outta me. Good thing I have a good dentist! 😀

I’ve been pissed off. Certain situations that I’m in have been putting me on edge.. and I really can’t concentrate because I’m too pissed.

I’ve been playing Halo Reach:…. I must get all the achievements… lol

So this weekend I am free for once, and I’m working on the next two pages including a Mass Defect page which will probably just go up on Deviantart where all the fan base is.

In December when I am officially done with Fresno State and I move back home I will be filming more Z-Troopers stuff as well.




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