I’m Back

Finally! I have left Fresno, completely done with school there, and moved back home. Right now I’m in the process of trying to obtain jobs but this economy is horrible. Things are starting to look up for me though!

Let’s see here, Christmas was great, I got a Wacom Intuos4 tablet which I LOVE so I have been doing a lot of digital work. I started my children’s book as well which I hope to get published. Ever since I started doing this book I have been SWAMPED with commission requests. FINALLY! 😀

I have 3 new Mass Defect comics, which I am debating if I shall put them on the site or not. Once I learn more about all that sorta stuff I’ll be making Mass Defect it’s own comic line… I don’t want to interrupt the Z-Trooper story. For the mean time, you can find them on my Deviantart page (user name dumbblonde-lms2002).

Gary will be leaving for the Navy some time this year, which depresses me, but he’s gotta do his civic duty and I salute him for it. Meanwhile, I gotta figure out how to do the basic edits of the site while he’s in bootcamp. I swear he’s a master at his craft cause I have NO CLUE what half that gibberish is on my Dreamweaver lol.

A new Z-Trooper will be coming out this week. I know it’s taken me forever, but art just has to “come” to me ya know… I have BAD artistic ADD lol.

Have a good one!



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