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AH! Hiatus!

Sorry for the recent hiatus guys! I’ll update the comic soon! I’ve been so busy with school but it’s so worth it… I GET TO GRADUATE!!!! YAAAY!!!!! After May 22nd check for new comics! 😀


Page 11 and New Products

So I FINALLY finished page 11. It took me so long because I’ve been busy as all hell with school and other projects. Also, I couldn’t figure out how to draw it. I’m getting tired of drawing office scenes so I’ve been re-writing them so I can get on with the action shots. Luckily I’m on spring break, so I have a week to catch up to everything, and think this thing out.

I’ve also added a few more products to the store and remade the BG-DLDO Schematic shirt. I’ll be ordering some stuff from the store soon and I’ll give you feedback on the quality. I personally do not produce the products and ship them… dear God I’d never have time for it. Instead I have handle all of that. The downside is that I cannot physically see them.

Oh and fun fact, my brother is the guy in both “BAULS” poster on page 11 🙂



B.A.U.L.S Contest!

Do YOU got the B.A.U.L.S (beyond advanced, ultra-lethal skills) to be a Zombie Trooper??? Do you wanna win free shit?!

Take a picture of you, your friends, your dog, your mom, etc doing the most “BAULS”-like thing you can imagine. BE CREATIVE! The picture should preferably be funny, have NO NUDITY, and does not offend anyone’s religion, sexual orientation, affiliation, etc…. in other words, use good judgement. I don’t literally want a pair of testicles in a picture.

Anyways, then add to your picture “I’ve got the B.A.U.L.S to be a Zombie Trooper at!” This MUST be ON the picture in order for it to be valid. Then post this picture on your facebook, myspace, or email it to me at

The winner will be drawn as a Zombie, get a candy bar, and receive a free “BAULS” T-shirt! OMG! CANDY!!!! All participants will have their pictures put into a gallery on the website.

Contest ends April 17th! GO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



That sticky feeling…

So I got a break from my load of school work and decided to doodle some Mass Deffect (yes, with two F’s) comics as well as work on page 11 of Z Troopers. I have a whole slew of MD comics in the works, but I have set the official launch date for sometime during the summer… in that time I might even buy it’s own separate domain from Z-Troopers, but it all depends on funding and making sure Bioware doesn’t get mad at me. So I posted the basic sketch so viewers can get an idea of what to look forward to. Stay tuned and see it launch this summer! 😀

And just for you Mass Effect noobz who don’t know what is going on (or for you lame-o’s who haven’t played 2 yet) this is what it refers too…. oh yeah, and go freakin’ play the damn game!



Our old prop arsenal

So I was digging through my parents old house when I came across some boxes that I filled with our old props from the Z Trooper movie.

Tripa (the guy who was to play Lansky) had bought them off ebay from a guy in Fresno. Our friend Chris had then packed his car with these individually packaged guns and brought them back in our home town. We were so excited to have props finally, but in all honesty these were just junky ass airsoft guns… so junky that 75% of them are broken or missing parts now. Also, the guns did not have realistic moving parts when being fired (slides didn’t move) so they looked super fake.

That was almost an advantage though because we were parodying; B-movies and their crappy props. We planned on leaving the orange tips on some of the guns, duct taping the broken ones together, and not having moving parts to make it even cheesier. I think I might incorporate that into the comic as well… it adds to Echo Company’s loser status…

I remember fondly of the times when we ran around at Tripa’s house pistol whipping and shooting each other in the butt with these things…. they cause more damage simply throwing them at people that using them for their intended purpose. My old room at my old house is still FULL of multicolored plastic bb’s..

These are what’s left of the faux arsenal, there is still some missing. We had XM8’s (which is ironic, giving a bunch of rag-tag screw-ups some new equipment), MP5’s, TMP’s, shot guns, various handguns, and Rodriguez’s Katana. Not shown is Lansky’s “BG-DLDO” Rocket Launcher… it’s buried somewhere lol.

God I feel like a hardcore Republican or some psycho red-neck shooter with all of these lol.

One of these days I’ll go fish out some of the costumes and other props…

Sigh… nostalgia…



So damn busy!

I know I get a lot of flack from my friends and readers about why I haven’t updated in a while. Truth is, to make one of these comics it takes quite a bit of time… time in which I DON’T HAVE.

Right now I’m trying to cram for a midterm for a theory class (if you’ve ever taken one of those, you know what I mean), study for a quiz, take another test online, and administer a DUI survey all by Monday. Oh throw in a wedding in there too, I have to do that as well.

Mix this with the 5 art projects I am working on for other people and that equals out to no comic coming out any time soon. I’m paying a crapload for college and I am so close to finishing my degree… I have my responsibilities.

And this is just a warning to all those who want art projects from me: When it comes to art, I will put the things that are going to give me MONEY first. It pisses me off so much when people want me to do their free shit then bug the hell out of me about when it’s done. “Did you make my cartoon?” “Did you finish my tattoo?” “Did you finish my nude photo?” The answer is no… I haven’t… because I have a LIFE. It pisses me off when people expect me to do their slave labor for free… it’s actually really hard to draw up something. It takes a lot of time, effort, and thought; that all is worth a lot to me. Z-Troopers will eventually get to the point where it will make enough revenue to pay for itself (I’m not expecting some thousands of dollars, but I believe it can make enough to pay for it’s monthly fee).

My priorities are as follows:

1. School

2. Family/Nick

3. Art Projects that people pay for





10. The shit you want from me for free




Frack me, frack me, frack MEEEEEE!!!!!

I laughed so hard it hurt… for any of those who watch Battlestar Galactica (or pretend they don’t so they don’t seem like total nerds).

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