Our old prop arsenal

So I was digging through my parents old house when I came across some boxes that I filled with our old props from the Z Trooper movie.

Tripa (the guy who was to play Lansky) had bought them off ebay from a guy in Fresno. Our friend Chris had then packed his car with these individually packaged guns and brought them back in our home town. We were so excited to have props finally, but in all honesty these were just junky ass airsoft guns… so junky that 75% of them are broken or missing parts now. Also, the guns did not have realistic moving parts when being fired (slides didn’t move) so they looked super fake.

That was almost an advantage though because we were parodying; B-movies and their crappy props. We planned on leaving the orange tips on some of the guns, duct taping the broken ones together, and not having moving parts to make it even cheesier. I think I might incorporate that into the comic as well… it adds to Echo Company’s loser status…

I remember fondly of the times when we ran around at Tripa’s house pistol whipping and shooting each other in the butt with these things…. they cause more damage simply throwing them at people that using them for their intended purpose. My old room at my old house is still FULL of multicolored plastic bb’s..

These are what’s left of the faux arsenal, there is still some missing. We had XM8’s (which is ironic, giving a bunch of rag-tag screw-ups some new equipment), MP5’s, TMP’s, shot guns, various handguns, and Rodriguez’s Katana. Not shown is Lansky’s “BG-DLDO” Rocket Launcher… it’s buried somewhere lol.

God I feel like a hardcore Republican or some psycho red-neck shooter with all of these lol.

One of these days I’ll go fish out some of the costumes and other props…

Sigh… nostalgia…



5 Responses to “Props!”

  1. 1 Reaper
    March 23, 2010 at 4:41 am

    Something tells me the Mossberg next to the sword is either VERY realistic, or is in fact real. Seeing as I had a real one, it would serve me to know.


  2. 4 Will Tripa
    March 23, 2010 at 10:09 pm

    Oh my God….i remember those! …hmmm…i also remember Michael had an automatic softair…then he proceeded to pop me in the ass several hundred times…lol…i still remember when you added me in as a prop for the movie. roflmfao.

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